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Students’ Unions
Your challenges, overcome: timing your campaign right
Freshers is a key opportunity to meet students at the peak of their receptivity. But it’s an easy window...
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Open fridge
Students' take on food and drink
Is food and drink simply an essential to students? Or are there other motivations behind their eating...
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Webinar: Contextual marketing is getting students talking
Tune in on demand to learn how, with contextual marketing, you can sharpen your Gen Z marketing strategy...
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Girl wearing sunglasses stands in front of a yellow wall.
Students' take on fashion and beauty
Get Gen Z students take on fashion and beauty brands in this quick fire blog.
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A to (Gen) Z: The definitive student marketing calendar

365 days. 251 moments. Endless opportunities. This calendar showcases what's in store for UK students this academic year - to help you uncover the moments that matter for your brand.

Students enjoying Pizza
Freshers finances: what students buy and how they spend
Did you know that 3.2% of students get a takeaway every single day? Or that the overwhelming majority...
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Students chat in a circle whilst on campus
Student Life in 2024
Forget what you think you know – the Gen Z consumer has evolved, again. This report is for marketers...
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Students engaging in learning on campus
Quick explainer: contextual marketing on campus
Contextual marketing has been sweeping the marketing world as a key term for a while now. But hey, it’s...
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A to (Gen) Z: What's next in the student calendar?