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Student Life in 2024

Forget what you think you know – the Gen Z consumer has evolved, again.
For the 2.86 million students in the UK, life on campus looks very different this year compared with years gone by. This report is for marketers wanting to gain a deep understanding into their target audience, Gen Z students. By analysing quantitative and qualitative data from over 600 students, we’ve uncovered the most important trends, attitudes and behaviours that you should be aware of, to help sharpen your marketing strategy.
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What's included?

Explore key trends surrounding Gen Z students in 2024, including:

What’s changed in a year?

There’s lots to unpack here – from living arrangements, to time on campus, and what’s motivating purchasing decisions.

Freshers report whats changed
Students are spending
14%longer on campus in 2024
vs 2023.
Key Insight:
Freshers report 2024 preview
Freshers, is kind of the first experience of adulthood in a way
Isabella, 20, University of Sussex

Freshers: a pathway to adulthood

It’s one of the biggest cultural milestones in the student calendar. But what does Freshers actually mean to students? And how do they engage with it? Here we rewind back to the basics.

Fuelled by food

For the first time, Gen Z students show a preference for food-focused activities compared to alcohol-oriented ones. One to watch, for sure!
Freshers report spread preview
53% of students believe that food, drink and restaurant choices are a big part of their identity.
Key Insight:
83% of Gen Z students use
multiple screens at once.
Key Insight:

Mighty multitaskers

Life online is the norm for today’s students – entertainment is blended with online work, and ad blockers are favoured by many. But how do students feel about screen time? And what does this mean for a brand’s digital marketing? We answer these key questions and more.

Brand-new besties

A formative time in their lives, Freshers is designed to facilitate connections of many kinds; with friends, with brands, with new interests. But, who influences students, how do students prefer to forge these connections, and how connected are today’s students feeling? Find out in the full report.
Freshers report friendships
32% of Gen Z students said making friends was their top concern prior to starting uni
Key Insight:
Freshers report shopping
Just 17% of students said
they were concerned about
affording university.
Key Insight:

Money matters

Money makes the world go round, after all. And UK students have a collective annual spending power of £29bn. Today’s students are well funded – with minimal concerns about affording their uni lifestyle…

Successfully turning insights into action

By utilising our fresh insights and student marketing expertise, Lloyds Banking Group saw a 244% YoY increase in new student accounts opened in 2023.
Lloyds Bank

Sharpen your student marketing strategy

Get to know the inner workings of the student community

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