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Pssst, the secret’s out: Contextual marketing is getting students talking

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Speaker: Becky Kells

We all know it: engaging Gen Z students is no easy feat. Yet, amidst the challenge lies an opportunity…

Enter contextual marketing in the form of on-campus media – the until-now untapped opportunity that will revolutionise your student marketing results.

It may sound simple, but understanding your audience’s preferences and needs can wield incredible power over your campaign’s success. And when you combine this insight with the unique platform of on-campus media, the possibilities are endless. After all, campuses are hubs of receptivity, trust, and brand discovery for students – just take a look at our latest research to see what students themselves are saying. 

Watch our on demand webinar to uncover the power of-campus media. Through the lens of some of the most successful campaigns to land with students in recent times, we’ll explore everything from culturally resonant messaging to location-based campaigns. You’ll leave with a greater understanding around how you too, can tap into contextual marketing to elevate your student marketing results to new heights.

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