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Ripping up the traditional student advertising playbook at YMS

From freshers to graduation, there are a wealth of unique touch points for brands to build up rapport with students. But as savvy Gen Zs, this audience is not one easily courted by advertisers. Using our wealth of knowledge as online-and-offline media owners across more than 56 campuses, together with our latest research into the state of student advertising, Adam Mazenko, Media Director at native explores what brands can do to build a narrative that Gen Z students will truly buy into. In just 15 minutes:

  • Get Gen Z students’ verdict on the various advertising touch points across campus – and learn what you need to do to resonate in those spaces.
  • See what life really looks like on campuses today – and understand which experiential marketing strategies are making the biggest splashes.
  • Understand what community means to this cohort of post-covid students; and learn how you can tap into it to build lasting connections.

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