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New SU Partners – Q2 2022

The two-month countdown to Freshers is on, and it’s great to see so many SU’s upgrade their ticketing platform ahead of the new academic year. Teeside, Durham, De Montfort Students’ Unions and more are set up to improve student engagement through events. Plus, our events services team are on hand to help SUs bring unforgettable experiences to campuses up and down the country – from IRL DnB club nights to on-demand talks on how to budget like a boss, we’ve got it all. Check out some of our latest SU partners:

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Teeside University Students’ Union

Located in Middlesbrough, the town is currently undergoing a massive £500 million regeneration. And, that’s not the only investment resident Teeside students will benefit from, as the SU upgrades their ticketing platform to native’s white label. With its seamless integration into their member management system, Teeside SU have the opportunity to bring bigger, better and more events to their students, to improve their university experience.

Durham Students’ Union

Ranking in the top 10 of The Guardian University Guide, Durham SU were looking to gain better insight into student behaviors, and deliver an events program that aligns with the diverse interests of their students. native’s ticketing platform will help them do just that, with seamless automated reporting back into MSL. Durham also opted to guarantee and grow their ad revenue with a four year media partnership contract – which will see native bring the biggest advertisers onto both Queens and City campuses.

De Montfort Students’ Union

Representing over 27,000 students in Leicester, De Montfort SU turned to native to help them achieve more with limited resources. By upgrading their tech stack, integrating our ticketing platform with their current member management system, and signing a four-year media partnerships contract, the core SU team can now focus on event and venue bookings. De Montfort SU can now look forward to growing revenue across both ticketing and ad sales.

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