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Students rank saving money as top new year’s resolution in 2023


Move over, fitness resolutions – there’s a new goal topping students’ lists for 2023. Learn why more students than ever are resolving to save money this year – and what you can do to help them.

Along with the start of a new year, the question “what are your new year’s resolutions?” is ubiquitous. Whether in conversations with friends or on TikTok – where the hashtag #newyearsresolution has had 973.7 million views – it’s impossible to avoid thinking about your intentions for the year ahead, regardless of your demographic.

That’s why native recently polled 915 Gen Z students to find out what’s on their minds and their goals for the new year.

But first: are young people even still making new year’s resolutions? The answer is a resounding YES. A whopping 89% have committed to at least one life change for 2023.

After spending time with family (85%) and fully relaxing over the festive break (67%), students are welcoming the new year with open arms. And after the widespread lockdowns and financial turmoil of the past few years, things can only get better, right?! That’s what young people are hoping for: a year of change. Students aren’t expecting or relying on a stroke of luck, instead they’re prepared to commit to changes, small and large, to manifest a more positive and rewarding 2023 for themselves.

What new year’s resolutions are students planning to make in 2023?

Graph to show what percentage of students have committed to New Years resolutions

Move over, fitness

Usually, health and fitness goals are chart toppers when it comes to new year’s resolutions. And while “get fit” did come in as the second most popular resolution (51%), it was surprising to see only 4% of students are following previously popular trends of Veganuary and Dry January. 

Instead, more holistic wellbeing resolutions ranked higher this year; 26% wish to practise mindfulness, and 15% have the intention of spending less time on digital devices. Students’ Unions and Advertisers alike should consider how they can support students’ holistic wellbeing, and help to foster positive mental health – as this is a clear priority for students.


Financial goals are coming into focus

Students are facing their own unique challenges due to the cost-of-living crisis, so looking for economic stability has become the most important goal in 2023. native previously uncovered that 37% of students had dipped into their savings to be able to cover increasing living costs. For this reason, it’s unsurprising 51% of young people are striving to replenish their savings pots, to protect their financial wellbeing for the short-and-longer terms. Student organisations, take note. Many new students are experiencing financial freedom for the first time, so value all the support they can get. From budgeting tips to student discounts – financial wellbeing will be a major priority for students this year.


Seeking out their tribe

Pursuing new interests (35%) and making friends (28%) come in at the third and fourth most popular responses respectively. Freshers took place back in September, and this time would usually provide ample opportunities for students to satisfy these goals. However, as often comes with change, this can be an overwhelming time, especially with concerns around the cost of living being thrown into the mix, too. A significant number of students are still looking to find their people and passions this year. Raising awareness of – and fostering – communities so that students can feel a sense of belonging will be a big win for student organisations to support young people in living a fulfilled 2023.


Students union?

New years’ resolutions look a little different this year – and you have a unique opportunity to support students in hitting their new objectives. Get in touch to learn how native can help you to meet your goals and boost student engagement



This year, young people are being driven by values and  have ripped up the traditional new year’s resolution rulebook. Does your strategy need a revamp? Contact native to find out how we can help you boost your student engagement.