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A to (Gen) Z

The definitive student marketing calendar

A preview of the 23/24 student marketing calendar
Take a peek at a year in the life of Gen Z students.

For Gen Z students, there are thousands of unique moments that make up their time at university. Some are major – like Freshers, Summer Balls, and Graduation. Others are tiny – getting a free slice of pizza on National Pizza Day, or sipping their first Guinness on St Patrick’s Day. Some, like Pride Month, might make them take a closer look at who they are, and what makes them tick – others, we’re sure they’d rather forget (Exam season, we’re looking at you). 

University is no ordinary time – and this is no ordinary calendar of events. Here, varsity and reading week are mapped out alongside Valentine’s Day and Summer Solstice – because while some experiences are bigger than university, others happen right at the heart of it. It’s designed to take you through the academic year, from September through to Summer – showing you every moment in between. 

So jump in and get planning your next student marketing campaign…


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