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The ones to watch: 3 Gen Z role models championing diversity and inclusion

Social injustice, unfortunately, is not a new phenomenon.
Awareness days have been around for decades to draw attention to particular concepts or themes – more often than not to raise awareness on issues around identity groups or social movements. 

While these days and months are important to drive awareness year on year, there’s more to be done. Many Gen Z influencers, activists and role models are showing us the way; using their voice daily to champion equal rights, and shine a light on diversity and inclusion. Technology and social media are giving them a platform, which they’re using as a force for good – and changing the face of activism as you know it. 

Generation Z make up 15% of the UK population and their voice is growing louder. As a cohort that isn’t afraid to speak up to make an impact in the real world, it’s time you heard them out. 

Here are three Gen Z changemakers to watch out for:

LGBTQ+ parade and flags

Meet Charlie Allan, the LGBTQ+ Role Model

LGBTQ+ rights are celebrated during LGBTQ+ History Month which takes place throughout the month of February to coincide with the 2003 abolition of section 28 alongside the celebration of Pride, which takes place in June, as this was when the Stonewall riots took place in 1969. As a result, gay rights changed for the better.

Recently nominated for their inspiring content at the British LGBT awards was 24-year-old Charlie Allan, an Edinburgh based blogger. Charlie shot to fame alongside his girlfriend Lauren when they featured in a BBC documentary, before launching their YouTube Channel. Trans Life & Wife shares lighthearted, honest content that gives their 60.5k subscribers an insight into what it’s like to transition, from hormones to what it’s like dating a trans man. Since then, Charlie’s become a TikTok sensation, with over half a million followers watching his journey, daily struggles and celebrations. 

Meet Taylor Cassidy, the Racial Equality Influencer

Racial Equality is highlighted in October with Black History Month. The 31 days are dedicated to educate wider society on the Black historical figures who helped make the UK what it is today, and celebrate achievements of the Black Community.

Gen Z content creator Taylor Cassidy (@taylorcassidyj) has built a following of over 2.2 million on TikTok, and amassed a huge 66.7 million likes. Known for her ‘Fast Black History’ series, Taylor educates her community on Black figures and their achievements. TikTok users are here for it – with her videos frequently going viral. Her TikTok coverage of Ledger Smith, a Chicago resident who skated 700 miles to join the march on Washington and witness Martin Luther King Junior’s iconic “I Have A Dream” speech, has racked up 440k+ views!


Meet Scarlett Curtis, the Feminist Activist 

Gender Equality is championed through International Women’s Day, when the world comes together on 8th March to reinforce a commitment to women’s equality.

Two times Sunday Times Bestseller, Scarlett Curtis (@scarcurtis), is the co-founder of the activist collective, The Pink Protest. Committed to helping young people take action, Scarlett and The Pink Protest, have been a part of a number of campaigns that have led to changes in the law; a bill to get Femal Genital Mutilation into the Children’s Act and a bill to help end period poverty. Passionate about giving women a voice on what feminism means to them, Scarlett has amassed 89.5K followers on Instagram, and built a 4.7 star rated podcast, “Feminists Don’t Wear Pink” that frequently features celebrity and influencial guests like Keira Knightly.

Gen Z as a collective overwhelmingly support causes related to race, ethnicity, feminism, human rights, disabilities,  LGBTQ+ issues and more. They’re educating themselves – and others – and are driving change. We’re here for it.
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